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AEWest Spotlight: Brandi Vezina

Our AEWest program begins in just a few weeks and while applications are still open we are sharing a few past participants experiences and successes.

How have you grown as a musician since AEWest?   

I have embraced the suggestion to co-write. My recent single, “Alberta Rose” was a co-write with two other singer/songwriters I was in AEWest with Albertans Liz Christensen and Sarah Elliot.    

What was your biggest takeaway?    

The biggest takeaway was that I am an artist entrepreneur. It is important to treat my music career with a business mindset and developing relationships is essential. Treating people with respect goes a long way.  

What was the most valuable lesson?   

The most valuable lesson is to think long game. Build my career one fan, one song at a time and to keep pushing the bar. In order to grow, I must continue to learn as an artist.  

What advice would you give for someone thinking about taking AEWest?  

Do it! You are your best investment.  

What was the most surprising thing you learned?    

The most surprising thing I learned is it all comes down to the song. And co-writing is a really great way to grow as songwriter.   

What challenged you the most?   

I would say pushing myself out of my comfort zone when I was teamed up to work with respected Toronto producer Terence Lam. The experience was worthwhile because Terence and I co-write parts of a song I’ll be releasing in the fall off my #dontsettle album. It has been a great experience working with Terence and my producer Murray Pulver and I love the music we’re creating.  

What was the most meaningful moment of the program?   

I liked being connected to other artists from across Western Canadian and the CMI team while Manitoba was in a lockdown. It was a lonely time, and it was meaningful being connected to others during the pandemic.   

How have you been able to use what you’ve learned in your career?   

I have much more confident as an artist. I’m more equipped with important strategies and knowing who I’m going to add next to my team. AEWest provided me major insight into what I’m going to do next.  

How did the program change the way you think about your business?   

As the CEO of my business it’s important to understand the industry.  It is necessary to invest in my art with time, money while building lasting relationships.  

How did the program prepare you for your next steps?   

I am going to be adding a publicist to my team, and I’m preparing to tour Western Canada with my band. I know AEWest helped me prepare for these next stages of my career.