Calla Kinglit is a musician, songwriter and poet who draws inspiration from the awe of wilderness and exploring the human experience. She is currently recording her debut album comprised of songs written while living as a researcher in the Congo Forest Basin in the Central African country of Cameroon, exploring the vast and redemptive beauty of her home base in Canada’s Yukon wilderness, manoeuvring through landslides in the Himalayas, and contemplating the spiritual journey of one small being.

Her music is characterized by haunting melodies combined with deep wilderness based lyrics. She is a multi instrumentalist, primarily writing on a warm hollow body electric guitar which she combines in performance with string and woodwind ensembles.

Her first single “God River Waltz”, released on Youtube and Bandcamp on May 2nd, is a modest introduction to the growing complexity and depth of her music.

Calla Kinglit has made a solid entrance into the music scene with recognition from Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2015; receiving second prize in their Canada-wide Artist Music Mentorship Program, and performing at Canada’s Walk of Fame Festival at Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Earlier that year, she held her own as a haunting solo opening act for an electrifying, sold out performance by Juno Award Winner, Dan Mangan at the Yukon Arts Centre, and was awarded the Bell Media Prize providing her with the opportunity to travel to Toronto for direct mentorship from Canada’s Music Incubator.

Calla Kinglit works as a lyricist with her most recent work featured on Toronto artist DIA’s debut release; where she collaborated with DIA and eminent producer Arnold Lanni.

In addition to her current music endeavours, Calla is also working on the second draft of a creative non-fiction novel called “The Prophet and the Bird”. This book, about the fascinating people she met in Cameroon and the messy and confusing research she embarked upon, provides a rich backdrop for the songs she wrote during that time.

As she moves through the experiences of working in music, Calla Kinglit continues to source her inspiration from the wild spaces around her, bringing a grounded serenity to her music and work.

The wilderness is where I am truly at home. It is my solace and my inspiration. This is probably why many of my lyrics tell the story of life as if it were lived by these magnificent vistas,” she explains. “When I write I anchor experiences to the earth, and when I sing I feel the vastness of these places in my lungs.”


Awarded Second Prize in Canada’s Walk of Fame 2015 Artist Music Mentorship Program .

Performed at Canada’s Walk of Fame Festival at Yonge and Dundas Square with cellist Brenton Chan in September 2015.

Opened for two-time Juno Award winner Dan Mangan at the Yukon Arts Centre, January 2015.

Performed original music with strings, clarinet and percussion as part of the Longest Night Ensemble show at the Yukon Arts Centre, December 2015.

Headlined the longstanding Whitehorse Folk Society Coffee House with a string and clarinet ensemble, December 2015.

Has written over 60 songs in several genres including folk, bluegrass and classical.

Classically trained and self taught multi-instrumentalist (voice, piano, guitar, mandolin, and whatever is in arms reach).


A brilliant connection between heart, soul and nature.”

Audience, April 2015.

…la chanteuse et songwriter à la voix d’ange…”

Olivier De Colombel, L'Aurore Boréale, Publié le 18 décembre 2014


Official Audio from "God River Waltz". Available for sale at

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"Who am I? I am only an island surrounded by a beautiful sea."

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This is the last song recorded (though not the last written) while I was living in the Central African country of Cameroon. Here I am, sitting the hallway of my house in Lomie, a small logging town deep in the tropical rainforest. Dirt roads, lush green, many locks and loud crickets.

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"The ocean counts the time in the washing away of tides, and mountains count the time in landslides."

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