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A New Service

To help your business develop

Canada’s Music Incubator is proud to introduce a new service: CMI 1-on-1 Online Mentorship.

After traveling to all parts of Canada in the past few years, we’ve realized that there are countless numbers of talented artists and managers hungry for professional development but are simply unable to commit to our full-length programs. In an attempt to remove barriers, we have devised this flexible, affordable alternative.

To learn more about Online Mentorship sessions, download our brochure and see our F.A.Q below.


What is Online Mentorship?

Online Mentorship is CMI’s new form of one-on-one video-based mentorship.

It’s a flexible, affordable alternative to our full-length professional development programs.

Who is it for?

Online Mentorship is for developing and emerging artists, managers and industry professionals who are unable to participate in a full-length CMI program.

This is not intended for artists or managers who have completed other CMI programs.

How much does it cost?

60-minute mentorship meetings are sold in bundles of three (3) meetings at once.

However, you don’t need to use these meetings within a specific timeframe. So, if you wish to spread them out over a few weeks or months, that’s fine.

A three-meeting bundle costs $150 (CAD), plus applicable taxes.

Which topics do you cover?

Our mentorship is customized to your needs.

Therefore, you determine the topic(s) of discussion. We’ll guide you through the areas of the music business that are most important to you.

Popular Mentorship Topics:
  • New releases
  • Marketing & branding
  • Digital strategy & social media
  • Funding & grant writing
  • Copyright & royalties
  • Negotiation & contracts
  • Improving gigs
  • Pitching
  • Communication & conflict resolution
  • Registering your business
  • Revenue & expenses
  • Developing you client roster

How do I sign up?

You can go to to sign up and create a new mentee account.

After you’re in Mentorly platform, you will be guided through the meeting booking process.

When booking meetings with any CMI mentors we kindly ask for at least 48-hours’ notice, please. We cannot guarantee that any meeting request with less than 48-hours’ notice can be scheduled.

How long is a mentorship meeting?

Your meetings will be 60 minutes long and conclude with action items for you to work on after.

Can I purchase a single meeting?

Sorry. Meetings can only be purchased in the 3x 60-minute format at this time.

Can I only access one CMI mentor for all my meetings?

You can access any member of the CMI team.

We all have our own areas of expertise (which are identified within the platform) and you can book with whomever makes the most sense for your needs.

So, if you are unsure who to book with, feel free to reach out and we’ll advise on the best fit.

What is Mentorly?

Mentorly is an online mentorship platform focused on arts-based mentorship.

They connect mentors and mentees around the world and is the first of its kind!

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