Artist Entrepreneur Program


Next Session Start Dates:
March 10 to May 01, 2020 – Toronto – APPLICATION DEADLINE – Tues. Jan 7, 2020
August 4 to September 25, 2020 – Toronto – APPLICATION DEADLINE – Mon. June 1, 2020

Duration: Full time, 8-weeks, Tuesday – Friday, 10am-4pm. 200-Hour Program.
Location: Program takes place at Coalition Music. 1731 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R 2X7

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The cost of this program per artist is $7,500 with 66% being subsidized by CMI’s generous sponsors. Each artist is required to pay the remaining $2,500 of their fee. A 50% payment is required at the start of the program to reserve your spot when you are invited into the program, with the balance due by the last day. CMI reserves the right to customize payment plans based on the circumstances of the artist involved.

For bands that are applying, the fee is $2,500 per band. When band’s attend Artist Entrepreneur we ask that they elect one member to attend the program (as our space is limited). Bands also have the option to rotate members.

Funding Opportunities:

Additionally, there are a few funding bodies who currently provide financial support for professional development programs like Artist Entrepreneur program including:

Canada Council For The Arts
Professional Development for Artists

SOCAN Foundation
Professional Development Assistance

Calgary Arts Development (Calgary-based artists only)
Individual Artist Program

Artist Entrepreneur Program Information:

The Artist Entrepreneur Program is specifically designed to help emerging artists and bands from all genres build their businesses and careers. Canada’s Music Incubator’s main focus during the program includes mentoring, networking, and collaboration

In addition to working hands-on with the Canada’s Music Incubator’s and Coalition Music’s team of social media, marketing, management, promotion, publicity, funding, touring, producing, sound and songwriting experts, artists will get a chance to meet active industry professionals in music law, accounting, publishing, booking, talent buying, music supervision, radio, performing rights organizations, funding bodies, and technical production, among others. Artists will also have ongoing access to Canada’s Music Incubator and Coalition Music’s resources and expertise after the program ends.

Program Highlights Include:

• Performance Workshops
• Vocal Workshops
• Producer Consultation
• Live Technical Workshops
• Social Media Workshops
• Marketing Workshops
• Content Creation Workshops
• Style Consultation
• “Chapel Sessions” Live Performance Video & Audio
• Digital Media Kit Development
• Studio Consultation
• Media Training
• 40-50 Industry Guest Speakers/Mentors per session


For more information regarding this program or the application process, please contact


“I learned a lot about the industry and how to take my music and business to the next level. Even better, I have support and guidance maneuvering my career, even two years after taking the program. Canada’s Music Incubator are good people and I can’t say enough positive things about what they are doing.”

Angela Saini

“All of the folks involved in CMI really care about helping and developing artists. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn from and work with these fine people. If you’re a serious independent artist you need to consider this.”

Matt Dines, RocketRocketShip

“I’m so grateful for so much in the AE program — not the least are the tangible “products” like the video, and the great relationships it forged.”

Fawn Fritzen, Artist Entrepreneur

“The Artist Entrepreneur program gave me a great deal of knowledge and confidence in pursuing my music career. Through their workshops, they helped me realize my own potential and – with that – I’ve been able to build an awesome team around me and apply my newfound confidence towards my music and music relationships.”

Lanikai (Marti Sarbit), Artist Entrepreneur

“Eye opening to many things about the music business that I didn’t realize, I didn’t know or was never taught. In fact these are things that I believe when I was in College or University they should have taught us. This is stuff that is essential for every musician.”

Benjamin Barrile, Artist Entrepreneur

“I’m three times as strong as I was prior to me coming into this program.”

Erik Flowchild, Artist Entrepreneur

“It was a challenging experience, but I feel like the growth that came out of it is really important and crucial to my career. When I went into it I had questions I was searching the answers for, and this program answered a lot of those questions for me in terms of business, confidence on

Mack Davis, Artist Entrepreneur