Artist Manager Program

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October 6 to November 27, 2020 – Toronto – DEADLINE TO APPLY – Tues. August 04, 2020


Deadline to Apply – Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Duration: Full time, eight-weeks, Tuesday – Friday, 10am-4pm. 200-Hour Program. Location: 1731

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Artist Manager is an eight-week professional development program designed to mentor active artist managers and/or self-managed artists in a real world music industry environment. Delivered in collaboration with Coalition Music (Simple Plan, Our Lady Peace, USS, Scott Helman, Justin Nozuka), our program takes a customized hands-on approach to working with managers to build their management businesses and develop the careers of their artists. Program participants work alongside management, label, marketing, promotion, publicity, social media, funding, and touring experts, as well as connect and network with industry professionals in music law, accounting, publishing, booking, talent buying, music supervision, radio, performing rights organizations, funding bodies, and technical production.

Ongoing mentorship is available following the program at no additional cost.


The cost of this program per artist is $7,500 with 66% being subsidized by CMI’s generous sponsors. Each manager is required to pay the remaining $2,500 of their fee. A 50% payment is required at the start of the program to reserve your spot when you are invited into the program, with the balance due by the last day. CMI reserves the right to customize payment plans based on the circumstances of the artist involved.

Areas of Development

•Building Your Management Team
•Artist/Manager Relationships
•Communication and Conflict Resolution
•Risk and Crisis Management
•Negotiation Skills
•Artistic Scouting and Signing Strategies
•Revenue Streams for Artists

•Agreements and Contracts
•Labels, Distribution, and Publishing
•Music Copyright and Ownership
•Marketing and Branding
•Promotion and Publicity
•Booking Tours and Shows
•Personal Finance

•Pitching & Selling Strategies
•Funding Systems & Grants
•Technical & Hospitality Riders
•Show Settlements
•Merchandise Strategies
•Customs & Immigration


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“I’ve probably learned more about the music business in the last two months than I have in the last 10 years.”

Troy Kokol, Artist Manager

“This program gave me—and I’m sure the others—the opportunity to be open and ask questions. You are able to sit down [with the mentors] and work at a personal level with your business, rather than just saying this is how it is and this is how it should be done.”

Murphy Patrick, Artist Manager

“It’s been really great to be learning from people who are actively doing it. I don’t think there is any experience more valid than learning from people who are dealing with it right now.”

Savannah Wellman, Artist Manager

“What I love about CMI is that it feels like a family. I feel like the people that have been mentoring us are very invested in helping other people’s businesses grow, other managers grow, other artists grow.”

Trevor Tobias, Artist Manager