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AEWest Spotlight: Kayla Williams

Our AEWest program begins in just a few weeks and while applications are still open we are sharing a few past participants experiences and successes.


How have you grown as a musician since AEWest?

I learned so much at AEWest and really embraced the business side of being a musician. I have so much more knowledge on deeper concepts than I’d learned in 10 years as an artist and I found a confidence in myself that I hadn’t had before.  

What was your biggest takeaway?  

My biggest takeaway – what you put in is what you get out. If you take your music seriously and put in the time you will create more opportunities for yourself and grow! 

What was the most valuable lesson? 

To stay open to opportunities and to learning and to also stay true to yourself and have strong boundaries. 


What advice would you give for someone thinking about taking AEWest?

If you are truly pursuing a career as a musician then do it. Period. It will change your life for the better.  

What was the most surprising thing you learned?  

Everything about music rights, I had no idea how complex and in depth this was. 

What challenged you the most? 

Being asked to push past my comfort zones in a good way, really taking a look at why I am a musician and what I want out of it. The program gets you to be honest with yourself and look at the deeper stuff. 

What was the most meaningful moment of the program? 

Connecting with the other artists in the program and the mentors, every single person we interacted with made me a better person and artist. I left feeling like I had a community and a team to call on when I need help. I have not felt that kind of support before in this industry. 

How have you been able to use what you’ve learned in your career? 

I have applied the knowledge to receive funding which I hadn’t got in the past, to negotiate better terms for myself more confidently for performances and to reach new opportunities I may not have even considered before AEWest. 

How did the program change the way you think about your business? 

I didn’t look at the business side much at all before the program and sort of figured out lessons as I went where as now I proactively work to make my business stronger and to treat myself as someone who deserves to make a living doing this. It is hard work, but there is no doubt in my mind I will be going further because of this program.  

How did the program prepare you for your next steps? 

It armed me with knowledge I’d never had access to, a team of amazing humans that will help me if I need it and a mindset that I can do anything if I want to work for it.