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Q&A With Noor Mitri creator of Beats Union

BeatsUnion is a new, independently owned platform created by artists and producers with the goal to become a viable solution for sustainable income. We caught up with BeatsUnion creator Noor Mitri via email to discuss the platform and how it hopes to change the way producers and beatmakers share, collaborate and earn in Canada. We first met Noor at the Alberta Electronic Music Conference in 2018. 

 What inspired the idea for Beats Union 

I have been a DJ for 24 years and a music producer for 12 and it is no secret that the current industry structure does not enable creators to sustain themselves. Our problems in the industry are fundamental which if not dealt with directly, will keep producing additional problems and this is evident in the insanity that surrounds a creator’s career in today’s environment. Most, if not all, current solutions and systems capitalize on the music producer, the source of the music that fuels the industry. Making music is a sacred process, and many talented producers are unable to withstand this vicious environment that pays no respect to the human being nor the creative process. Throughout my journey I have witnessed many producer friends stop creating music all together because they become consumed with earning a living through alternative means.   

 I believe that things are the way they are because of the work of people, and thus through our work as a community we will build a much better environment. My experience growing up in the Middle East, and later putting roots in Canada, played a big role in envisioning BeatsUnion. It is important to me that the whole of society is looked after and that can only become possible through fostering the growth of each and every individual. The same concept applies with BeatsUnion; but instead of focusing to empower lone artists for marketing purposes, we want to provide real life value for all our artists. BeatsUnion is a platform built to financially sustain independent artists, foster a collaborative and constructive competition, and provide them with a trusted environment that is founded on data transparency and privacy by design.   


What type of client will be helped on this platform?  

 BeatsUnion currently is in Beta phase and Independent electronic music producers who own their music are our primary focus. Producers can sell their music through their personalized store, set their own price, automate contracts and royalty-splits, and keep 100% of their income and ownership of their music. They can also utilize social features to network with other artists on the platform as well as connect directly with their loyal music consumers.  

 We have created a digital platform that champions music ethics and directly supports artists. The story behind our platform will hopefully encourage people to buy their music in a way that directly supports artists (creators?) all while offering listeners the latest and most exclusive electronic music releases through our community of talented BU producers.   


What was the main goal for BU during the five-year creation process and why does that make the platform what it is today?  

Making music is a sacred process that requires nurturing and support. The complexity of the current digital environment takes no account of that, and artists end up wasting so much time and energy on platforms that continually capitalize on our efforts without providing real life value.   

Our hope is that BeatsUnion will simplify this complexity by freeing time for producers to spend on their music and innovation. To have a trusted platform like BeatsUnion creates the opportunity for creators to be able to focus on their craft, knowing that they can grow with a digital platform that champions music ethics, integrity, and aims to solve some of the biggest problems in our industry, such as sustainable income.  

Our challenge can be summarized in two sections the first is to create technology that can channel the growth and success of a digital platform back to its individual producers. We spent five years developing our own exclusive distribution of wealth system that creates this real opportunity for creators.   

Second, music ethics is another major component of our work at BeatsUnion and we want to establish a community based on a set of values that truly reflect on its creators and aims to preserve what is worth preserving. It is our goal to build a positive, constructive, and collaborative environment for artists to be part of through the BeatsUnion platform.  

 For these reasons above, we promote and adhere to the following values:  

  • Sovereignty. Self-expression and self-growth empowers us to reach our full potential and be in control of our personal journey.  
  • Transparency: we foster an open and honest exchange of information to provide clarity and momentum to reach collective success.  
  • Empathy. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and aim to see from the other’s perspective first before our own.  
  • Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral conduct, self-respect and lead by example.  
  • Mutual success. We seek the success of the collective and realize our own personal success in doing so.  
  • Merit: we recognize each other for our hard work and areas of expertise, and showcase it through our dedication to BU. 
    How does BU differ from other Beats selling platforms?  

    BeatsUnion is not just another platform, it is a movement. Our goal is to build a healthy society that channels the power of the collective to support the growth and success of its individual creators. BeatsUnion’s distribution of wealth system, which was developed in-house by our lead developer and co-founder Dr. Sadra Abedinzadeh, aims to directly solve the problem of sustainable income for music artists.  
    While most platforms take commission on the sale of each download, we have strategically positioned BeatsUnion not to capitalize in this way. Instead, for $10 a month, we offer a service and space for producers to sell their music on a personalized store, set their own price, automate contracts and royalty-splits, and keep 100% of their income. They can also utilize social features to network with other artists on the platform as well as connect with their loyal music consumers. 
    BeatsUnion is 100% independently owned by creators and built specifically for electronic music producers minimizing the noise and making it easier for underground music to be heard.