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Take a look at the 21, CMI-supported Nominees, for the 2020 Western Canadian Music Awards.

The 2020 Western Canadian Music Award have been announced and we are excited to share with you the CMI-supported artists, managers, and partners we’re rooting for:  

BreakOut Artist of the Year:                    

Alexandria Maillot 

Ariel Posen 

Begonia – MB   (Manager, Stu Anderson, Mighty Cypress Talent Inc/Passport)*

The Funk Hunters

The Small Glories 

Country Artist of the Year           

Dan Davidson 

Don Amero – MB (Manager, Laurie Brown, AM)*

Hunter Brothers 

Jess Moskaluke 

The Dungarees                    

Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year               


Miles Away 

RIELL – AB  (AE + Jeremy Johnson, Johnson Talent Management/AM)




Global Artist of the Year (formerly World Artist of the Year)                   

Buckman Coe 

Casimiro Nhussi 


Orchid Ensemble 

The Mariachi Ghost – MB  (Artist Manager, Segio Elmir, Futuro Libre/Passport)                   

Indigenous Artist of the Year                 

Sponsored by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Blue Moon Marquee 


Celeigh Cardinal – AB   (AE West)


Snotty Nose Rez Kids 


Pop Artist of the Year                   

Alexandria Maillot 

Luca Fogale 

Martin Kerr – AB (Manager, Anthony Lovesey, Lovesey Management/AM)*

Nuela Charles – AB  (Passport 2018)*

Riit – 


R&B Artist of the Year (formerly Urban Artist of the Year)            

Hooper Turnt Sanger 


Josh Sahunta – AB   (AE West)*

Krystle Dos Santos 

Sebastian Gaskin –   (AE West)*


Recording of the Year                  

Frazey Ford 


Nuela Charles – AB  (Passport 2018)*

Royal Canoe – (Manager, Stu Anderson, Mighty Cypress Talent Inc / Passport)*

William Prince –


Rock Artist of the Year    

Sponsored by Torque Brewing  

Joey Landreth 

Mise en Scene 

Mobina Galore  

The Jerry Cans –  (Passport 2018)*

The Radiant 


Songwriter(s) of the Year           

Sponsored by  The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

Celeigh Cardinal – AB  (AE West)*

Del Barber – MB

Kacy Anderson & Clayton Linthicum – SK

Nuela Charles – AB  (Passport 2018)*

William Prince – MB


Video Director of the Year

Sponsored by Manitoba Film and Music                     

Brock Davis Mitchell – Nuela Charles, Long Way Down –  (Passport)

Dustin Wilson, Zach Wilson – The Dead South, Diamond Ring

Farhad Ghaderi – Jordan Klassen, Virtuous Circle 

Jorge Requena – The Mariachi Ghost, Cuerpo Mortal –   (Artist Manager, Segio Elmir, Futuro Libre/Passport)*

Travis Nesbitt – The Dungarees, Don’t Make Em Like They Used To 


Visual Media Composer of the Year                   

Daniel Janke, Subconscious Password 

The Mariachi Ghost, Octavio is Dead!  (Artist Manager, Segio Elmir, Futuro Libre/Passport)

Tom Koroluk, Get Over It

Wolf Willow, Etthén Heldeli: Caribou Eaters  


Community Excellence Award               

National Music Centre*

Red Tent 

The Vancouver Island Symphony 

West End Cultural Centre

Winnipeg Music Project 


Impact in Artist Development                

Birthday Cake Media –

Chronograph Records –

National Music Centre* 

Regina Jazz Society 

West End Cultural Centre 

Impact in Live Music                    

Sponsored by Canadian Live Music Association

National Music Centre*

Squamish Constellation Festival 

West End Cultural Centre 

Winnipeg Folk Festival 

Winterruption YEG               

Impact in Music Marketing                     

Chronograph Records  

National Music Centre* 

Susan Busse  

The Village Idiots 

Winnipeg Folk Festival 

Voting is now open to members of all western Provincial and Territorial Music Industry Associations!